Bank Background

Welcome. We are Brillink Bank.

We have a strong supply chain background with many different customers. We will migrate customers from traditional system to an innovative one-stop platform which can significantly improve their business at lower cost.

As the world’s first supply chain finance specialists (B2B), We serve our global clients grow their business through our one-stop trade financing solutions.

We use digital analysis with big data from more than 15 years of supply chain operations to analyze various industries and provide optimized strategies to reduce unnecessary costs to increase customer competitiveness and market leadership.

Our team consists of global experts with many years of rich management experience in international banking, digital technology, and supply chain finance. We provide customer focused professional solutions to their financial problems.

Supply Chain Finance includes all the transactions originating out of domestic and international trade. For example, trade credit, insurance, guarantees, exchange rates generate uncertainties for businesses. Brillink Bank as a financial intermediary can facilitate the transaction by reducing the risks associated of importers and exporters. Supply Chain finance can improve the efficiency of world trade marketing and logistics.

Our head office locates at Nur-Sultan the capital city of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Brillink Bank is a financial institution authorised and regulated by the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC). We received a full banking licence on 26th March 2021. AIFC is located in Nur-Sultan (previously named Astana) the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

Kazakhstan lies in the centre of global trading of between Europe and the Middle East to the West, and China and Asia to the East.

Chairman Xi Jinping announced the Initiative during an official visit to Astana Kazakhstan in September 2013. Kazakhstan is in the centre of road and rail transportation through Central Asia and formed the major part of the Silk Road of ancient times connecting Europe and China and Asia. A 2019 study conducted by global economic consultants CEBR forecasted that the Initiative will boost world GDP by $7.1 trillion per annum by 2040.

We are specialist bank with primary focusing on supply chain financing. Our management team and major shareholder have more than 15 years of accumulated experience in supply chain operations and international trade. Through our bank, your transaction can completed in a short period, anytime and anywhere. After completion of our KYC process, you can start using your account within 1 day.
We are opening 24/7, every day any time.
For enquiries, please contact us by phone, email or post. For details, please refer to Contact Us. Or you can chat with our live chart box, we will reply to you at the earliest.

Account Operation

Opening account in our bank is simple. We just need your mobile phone number, email, identity document and business documents to complete our KYC checks.
Please access Corporate or Personal to open your account.
A minimum account balance is not required.
Brillink Bank offer Corporate and Personal account on both website and mobile apps. Open account is easy and fast. Your account is available on both website and mobile apps 24/7. You just need to input your registered email and password, then you can enjoy our service.
After submission of application, we will proceed your account at the earliest. Your account may success in the same day.
Each mobile phone number and email can only apply for one account.
We have 24 hours live chart box on right bottom corner. You can ask simple questions there and we will responses in a second. For more detail questions, please refer to Contact Us.

System Safety

We commissioned a Big 4 audit firm to perform an independent assessment of our controls and additional vulnerability and penetration tests. We continuously monitor our system and will perform independent assessments annually.
We allow 1 access from the web app and 1 access from mobile apps at the same time. We do not allow 2 access from same type of device.
All personal and corporation data in our bank system are encrypted. Our system will be audited by independent assessment audit firm every year to provide the safety cyber security to our customers.
After entering the wrong password 5 times, our system will lock access to the account to prevent unauthorised access. Please contact your customer service or advance us by Contact Us.
Please contact your customer service or advance us by Contact Us.

Products & Services

You can contact us by the live chart box and we will response at the earliest.
Currently we provide HKD, RMB, EURO, and more will be available in future.
You can check your case by the reference number in live chart box, and we will reply the transaction or process status. Reference number will be provided by SMS and email after your transactions.
Currently we provide remittance to all the countries and support by HKD, RMB or EURO.
Please login your account and check monthly statement. In line with environmental concerns, we do not provide hardcopy statement by email or SMS.
Your order will be completed at the earliest , no matter local or overseas.

Other Support

Your feedback is valuable to us. Please provide your feedback by Contact Us. Upon received, we will follow up and respond to you promptly.
Please send your instructions to Contact Us and we will arrange the process.