Mr. Zhang Chun Hau

Mr. Zhang is a pioneer who founded one of the first supply chain companies in China to position on industrial supply chains. This is the first batch of advanced technology service enterprises in Shenzhen.

In recent years, with Mr. Zhang’s strong market insight and leadership, his business has won the honour of the best innovative enterprise in China’s supply chain management. It has won the China IC market supply chain service award for four consecutive years.

It has also been recognized as a national service-oriented manufacturing demonstration platform, which has fully affirmed his business’ value and outstanding performance in serving the industry and demonstrated its position as a leader in the supply chain field.

Mr. Yam Tak Cheung
Mr. Moses Tsang
Mr. Shane Akeroyd

Mr. Yam Tak Cheung, a famous investor with extensive exposure of a number of listed companies in Hong Kong.

He served as the director of Po Leung Kuk and was Chairman of the 28th Board of Directors of Yan Oi Tong.

Mr. Yam established Integrated Asset Management (Asia) Limited. The company’s business involves telecommunications, finance, technology and other fields, having investment experience in various industries, such as SAAS, cryptocurrency, etc., across China and Hong Kong.

Mr. Yam acquired Forbes Media, the holding company of Forbes Magazine together with Wayne Hsieh, for an acquisition of $ 475 million in 2014, holding 95% of Forbes’s shares.

Forbes Global Media Holdings Inc., and Magnum Opus Acquisition Limited (SPAC) announced in 2021 that they have entered into a definitive business combination agreement. The transaction is expected to close in late fourth quarter 2021 or early first quarter 2022.


Mr. Moses Tsang is the Chairman with AP Capital Holdings and serves as Chairman of the Investment Committees for the Private Equity Funds under the AP Special Situation Group.

Moses has over 38 years of investment banking and Asian capital markets experience. Prior to founding AP Capital, he was a General Partner of Goldman Sachs Group, a global investment bank, where he started the international fixed income group in New York, led the establishment of the fixed income group in Tokyo and headed the debt syndicate group in London. He served as the Chairman of Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLC between 1989 and 1994.

Moses is Co-Chair of the Asia-Pacific Council and a member of the Board of Directors of The Nature Conservancy; a councilor of the Copenhagen Climate Council; a Trustee of the Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research, the University of Hong Kong; a member of the Brown University Advisory Council in Asia and former Chairman of its Parent Council in Hong Kong; a Non-Executive Independent Director of Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) and an independent director of Shui On Construction and Materials Limited in Hong Kong; a past member of the Young Presidents Organization and current member of the World Presidents Organization. Moses holds a B.A. from Bemidji State University in Minnesota, a MSW from University of Iowa, and was a Graduate College Fellow of University of Iowa and SSA Fellow of University of Chicago.

Shane Akeroyd is president of IHS Markit Asia Pte. Ltd. He joined Markit as head of sales in 2008 from RBC Capital Markets where he was head of global debt markets distribution and a member of the executive management team.Prior to RBC, Shane was vice chair, capital market sales at TD Securities, responsible for Europe, Asia and Australia.

Shane has over 30 years of client facing experience. He previously worked at RBC Capital Markets where he was head of global debt markets distribution and a member of the executive management team.

He was Vice chairman at TD Securities, in charge of capital market sales for Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia. Before that, he was a managing director at Bear Stearns.

IHS Markit Ltd. is a global diversified provider of critical information, analytics, and solutions. The Company offers next-generation information, analytics and solutions to customers in business, finance and government, improving their operational efficiency and providing deep insights. IHS Markit serves business and government customers worldwide. He holds a B.S. (Hons) in economics from University College London.